Name of BeerLocation of BreweryType of BeerABV16oz/33oz/64oz price
Belching Beaver "Beaver's LIFE" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAAmerican Barley Wine12.9 %$7.50 (10 oz pours ONLY)
Belching Beaver "Mosaic Double" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAAmerican Double IPA8.8 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Berryessa "Double Tap" (PERMANENT TAP)Winters, CAAmerican Double IPA8.5 % $7.50/13.25/24.25
Belching Beaver "Viva La Beaver!" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAMexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout7.5 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Belching Beaver "Deftones: Phantom Bride" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAAmerican IPA7.1 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Blue Note "9 Lives" (PERMANENT TAP)Woodland, CAAmerican IPA6.8 %$6.50/11.50/21.00
Belching Beaver "Here comes Mango" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAMango IPA6.6 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Lagunitas "IPA" (PERMANENT TAP)Petaluma, CAAmerican IPA6.2 %$5.50/9.75/17.75
Dunloe "2 Birds Stoned" (ROTATING TAP)Davis, CAPeach/Apricot Sour (American Wild Ale)6.0 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Avid Ciders (ROTATING TAP)Bend, ORRotating Flavors (see Store for details)6.0 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Deschutes "Obsidian Stout" (ROTATING TAP)Bend, ORNitro Stout6.0 %$6.50/11.50/21.00
JuneShine Hard Kombucha "Rotating Flavors" (PERMANENT TAP)San Diego, CAHard Kombucha6.0 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Anderson Valley "Boont" (PERMANENT TAP)Boonville, CAAmber Ale5.8 %$5.50/9.75/17.75
Belching Beaver "Me so Honey" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAHoney Blonde Ale5.5 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
SLO "Cali Squeeze" (PERMANENT TAP)San Luis Obispo, CABlood Orange Hefeweizen5.4 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Belching Beaver "Peanut Buttter Milk Stout" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAPeanut Butter Milk Stout5.3 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Sudwerk "The People's Pilsner" (PERMANENT TAP) Davis, CAPilsner5.2 %$5.50/9.75/17.75
Budweiser (PERMANENT TAP) Fairfield, CAAmerican Adjunct Lager5.0 %$3.00/5.50/10.00
Lost Coast "Great White" (PERMANENT TAP)Eureka, CABelgium White4.8 %$6.50/11.50/21.00
Firestone "805" (PERMANENT TAP)Paso Robles, CABlonde Ale4.7 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Pabst "Blue Ribbon" (PERMANENT TAP)Los Angeles, CAAmerican Adjunct Lager4.7 %$3.00/5.50/10.00
Belching Beaver "The Charming Centaur" (ROTATING TAP)San Diego, CAApple/Cherry Sour4.4 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Bud Light (PERMANENT TAP)Fairfield, CAAmerican Adjunct Lager4.2 %$3.00/5.50/10.00
Berryessa "Gallagher's Finest" (ROTATING TAP)Winters, CAAmerican Pale Lager4.0 %$7.50/13.25/24.25
Golden State Cider16 oz$5.00
Rainer16 oz$3.00
Guinness Draught15 oz$5.00
Modelo Especial12 oz$4.00
Modelo Negra12 oz$4.00
Firestone 80512 oz$3.75
Corona12 oz$3.00
Coors Light12 oz$3.00
Michelob Ultra12 oz$3.00
Assorted Sudwerk Bottles12 oz$3.00
Truly - Assorted Flavors (HARD SELTZER)12 oz$4.00
NON-ALCOHOLIC: Lagunitas Hop Water12 oz$1.50
NON-ALCOHOLIC: St. Pauli Girl12 oz$3.00
NON-ALCOHOLIC: Red Bull (Reg & Sugar Free)8.4 oz$3.00