Delivery times may vary by time of day and traffic conditions.
Whenever possible, we’ll take these orders with less than the required call ahead time.


DescriptionFeeMinimum OrderDel. TimesCall Ahead
Local Davis Zone, including UC Davis:
N - County Road 31 to Covell to Northern Boundary of Wild Horse Golf Course
E - County Road 105
S - Montgomery Avenue
W - Pedrick Road
$4.95$18.0040 - 60 minsAny Time
Outskirts, County Zone:
N - County Road 29
E - County Road 105
S - Tremont Road
W - County Road 96
$7.00$25.0040 - 60 minsAny Time
West County Zone, Aviation Avenue and surrounding area. (Yolo County Airport, Skydance Skydiving, Yolo Sportmen's Association):
N - County Road 29
E - County Road 96
S - County Road 31
W - County Road 95
$10.00$50.0040 - 60 minsAny Time
Out of Town Zone:
N - North of County Road 29, towards Woodland
E - East of County Road 105, towards Sacramento
S - South of Tremont Avenue
W - West of County Road 96
$30.00$150.00Depends on distance and call ahead24 hours in advance
All Other Addresses - To request a delivery, please call to speak with a manager.